Random Evening Thoughts

Life is a journey. Who helped you along?

There’s nothing purer than having Erik Satie’s Gnossiennes ringing in your headphones while having nothing to cut through the pure piano. Nothing other than the clicky keyboard. 

The keyboard that materializes the fleeting thoughts into something from this world.

Are these thoughts mine? Does the music induce them? Was I programmed like this?

Should I ever get answers to these questions? Do I even deserve that?

Maybe it doesn’t matter. After all, people are like thoughts. They come and go. The only thing that remains, are the subtle memories about having them. But even those memories are fleeting. So what do we actually have?

The present.

This is what you actually have. But every moment you think of it, it’s gone. There is no time to think, there is no time to recall.

There is only now. Anything else is just a dilution of human nature.

Stop thinking, start doing. You will have plenty of time to think when you rest. If you don’t feel the need to rest, that means you did not do enough.

How can you be better if you’re not challenging yourself? How?

How can you race yourself if you don’t even start the race? How can you possibly achieve something in this life, when all you do is think?

Well, think about this. Think about all the wasted time for cheap dopamine hits. All the precious little seconds that you will never get back. Spiraling out of this world into the eternal void.

Yep, that’s what I want you to think about. Don’t plan your journey based on the destination. Plan your journey based on the road you take, the people you take with you. The destination is less important.

Human experience. That’s the name of the game. The surrounding people. The people that disappoint you, even though you had no expectations. At least you think you had no expectations because, in the end, we all do.

How can our lives depend so much on the surrounding people, yet we can have no expectations? What can we do when there is nobody here to make us feel whole again?

The answer is always there. Keep seeking. Lives are dynamic, you are merely a boat in the sea. Sometimes you get closer to a shore, sometimes you get closer to another. Sometimes you travel alone, sometimes you have more boats with you.

Always be seeking. But also be praising. All the people that were part of your life made you who you are. All experiences made you what you are today. Good or bad.


  1. Make a list of top 3 persons that helped you become a better person.

  2. Write a couple of words on how they helped you and show your appreciation.

  3. Send it to them.