Season 1 - A wild noob appears

Season what? Where? Why? Who?

🌲 Why seasons?

So, a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this article, here I read about newsletter seasons.

I was always afraid to start a newsletter/blog because at some point I would get bored and would just abandon it.

So now, I can set a target (25 articles), set a theme (A wild noob appears), and even put up a progression bar.

There are also other opportunities that emerge from this style of writing, but we would see how these work out in the future, I don’t really want to give too much, as this article is just an introduction to this season and not really an article in itself.

Will there be other seasons after this one? We will find out after those 25 articles 😀.

🐗 A wild what?

Haha, yeah, I know 😂. The idea behind this was to have some sort of introduction, just like you got some kind of synopsis on some kind of TV series.

I am notoriously bad at introductions, so I just want to be done with it, this is what’s all about.

I’m new, I have nothing behind me to recommend me for what I write here, it’s basically a collection of what I found out online and a way to help people.

📖 Why should I read this?

With this newsletter, I want to share with you the valuable information that I found online. I started seeing the same questions again and again over on Indie Hackers and on r/startups subreddit and I decided to just write articles that answer these common problems.

You can say this is a lazy way to give people a properly documented article rather than rewriting the same idea again and again in different parts of the interwebs.

But that’s not all, from time to time I like doing brainstorming on different business ideas that I never actually implement, so, this is the place where I can show you the fruits of my mind.

🕺 Who you?

I am Alexandru Paval, you can read more about my career stuff on linkedin, what’s important to know is that I’m a professional programmer since 2013, I’ve been mostly programming in C as down to the metal as possible, embedded world things.

I’ve also worked with Qt C++ for some personal projects and some internal tools at work. Python is also there on my knowledge list, and more recently I added a hefty dose of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP while working on an e-commerce website that I never launched.

Besides work, I’m a tech enthusiast, I love reading about tech in general, I am passionate about personal development, marketing, and people.

I also love photography (follow on Instagram?), smartphones, PC’s, cars, airplanes, rocketships… well, tech stuff 🤣.

I am also a gamer 🎮 and a motorcyclist 🏍️, soooo many things to read about, sooo little time.

At this point, you gotta subscribe!

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