I’m a noob, just like you!

Why would you want to learn from a noob, why not learn from the best?

Because the best have already started, some of them have that arrogance air about them, and rightly so, they already started, they already have something built, but sometimes, when you want to start, you just need someone to hold your hand for those first few steps.

I spent weeks scurring the interwebs for maker knowledge, months of my life reading about marketing, years of my life programming and more recently I’ve been leading people to excellence.

I have my fair share of failures, I have deleted more than I’ve written and I have scuttled more projects than I’ve shipped.

Why subscribe to a noob?

Because that noob can teach you what he learned, what he read, what he studied and can give his couple of cents about what happens in this maker’s world.

Take this as an opportunity to learn how to start your own shtick, how to think about tech in general, how to find problems and solutions.

I will always sprinkle around some humor and some life hacks, I’m also passionate about personal development, and you should be too!

What are my guarantees?

  1. You get snippets of my own mind, a glimpse of the void.

  2. You get some case studies from time to time, there I brainstorm some business ideas, maybe it provides some value to you.

  3. You will have fun from time to time (probably).

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